Dan Maharry

A Bad Idea

by DanM
You know it's a bad idea from the first few frames of the movie. You can see a million ways ti could go wrong. And then it does go wrong. And you don't care - you just gotta watch. Mick Foley wrote in his autobiography how he would practice high falls by jumping from his roof onto mattresses in the garden to break his fall. The clip ably demonstrates why you should never use a trampoline to do the same.

No More Fish

by DanM

Britain's longest serving and most charismatic weatherman Michael Fish retired yesterday. His last forecast was just after the ten o'clock news. I'll remember him for saying there would be no hurricane back in October 1987 and then listening to the roof tiles get blown off my house and the trees fall on the neighbour's car the following night. Even though he was only a weatherman he was definitely part of popular culture as this Rowan Atkinson routine demonstrates. Another hero rides off into the sunset. Alas alack.

Obit Of Fun

by DanM

Double-edged swords from classic obituaries

On Aleister Crowley
Circumstances indicate that the intellectual capabilities of a mate weighed more heavily with most men than they ever did with Crowley, who committed sodomy with a range of partners including a goat and two graduates of Trinity College, Cambridge.

On the third Lord Moynihan
The Third Lord Moynihan, who has died in Manila, aged 55, provided, through his character and career, ample ammunition for critics of the hereditary principle. His chief occupations were bongo-drummer, confidence trickster, brothel-keeper, drug-smuggler and police informer...