Dan Maharry

Three Forms Of Frustration

by cshock_uk

Amazon UK in-house review of The Rebel Code states that the founder of the Free Software Foundation is Robert Stallman. Oh dear.

Girls trying to convince me that I don’t need to get tickets for the Calcutta test match in advance. As owner of Eng-Aus test match ticket six months in advance, skepticism reigns. Eventually locate identity of probable ticket vendors - the Bengali Cricket Board. Ring em up and spend two minutes with non-English speaker before being told it’s not open until the afternoon. Ring back and told tickets aren’t printed yet. Not printed? Maybe the girls are right.

The Chris O’Donnell version of The Three Musketeers is on again for at least the fourth time in ten days. Teeth are being ground down by the way he pronounces D’Artagnan so badly.

The Phenomenon Of Joywalking

by cshock_uk
Would appear that someone walked out in front of John’s motorbike on purpose on Friday and sent him tumbling. Is this how people really get their kicks out here on a Friday night? There’s nothing worth joyriding so they make others crash their vehicles? It’s just not civilized.

Busy Day

by cshock_uk

A day of 3 near crashes in two ricks, 2 girls (Alice and Cressida), 3 films, 9 books, one curry, one hotel booking and one case of sunstroke and dehydration.

One of the other cinemas in town seems to have re-released last James Bond movie for a two week run. Can’t figure out why they would do that, or indeed why they would make Fortress 2 : Re-Entry at all. This is on at yet another fleapit, as is Basic Instinct. Must be retro week.

Indoor Waterfalls

by cshock_uk

Come into office and find it nicely chilled. Someone has left the AC on overnight, which is good in one sense with nicely cool office but unfortunate side effect that they left it on a low setting, so a chunk of ice has now formed within the ac unit and is quickly melting and dripping onto the carpet. Indeed we now have Angel falls, India falling from the ceiling right next to the printer.

Mails to gnome-hackers list appears to have had some success - three sessions go back up. Meanwhile another Bangalore speaker has decided to move to Delhi this weekend and change without any notice the entire topic of his session from benchmarking to using mod_perl. Repeat mantra ‘Do not kill him until after his session’ more than several times at this particular email.

Remember Hannibal is released today in the States. Seems it won’t come out here until after I leave and will probably have left the cinema before I return. Poo.

Mental Block. HMobius lives

by cshock_uk
Frank finally back from Paris. Sweated at missing sessions, ate pizza, sweated more, got new talk proposal I might not be able to use. Sat quietly in frustration with no other apparent course of action to remedy situation. Wrote more emails. Watched Clint Eastwood. Finally registered domain name to house this log more permanently.