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Steven Price - Gravity OST (2013)

This is the forty-first of the 50 Albums to Christmas 2019 series.

Album Cover of Gravity Original Soundtrack Album by Steven PriceAlbum Cover of Gravity Original Soundtrack Album by Steven Price

There are a lot of special things about the movie Gravity. The 3D, the CGI, almost everything that has made it the most-winning film of 2013-4. But the soundtrack is something else. The director Alfonso Cuaron knew that it would have to provide all the drama and the impact as there can be no sound in space bar the radio comms between astronauts and Earth. Everything else is silence. So he and composer Steven Price drew up a rule for the score. No percussion. Everything is orchestral but recorded, sampled and layered. Glissandi that feel minutes long, sections that belong remixed in a hard club night, and no let up. Sandra Bullock’s character gets no let up dear reader so neither do we the listeners. The film is only 91 minutes long and we get 71 minutes of aural callisthenics. It’s punishing and the more wonderful for it. Headphones on and up loud, in the dark and go. The best album of 2013 bar none.

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