Version 1.6 of, which runs this blog amongst many others, was released this morning. The two main new features are a centralised comment management system and multiple widget zones. Here’s the rest from the release notes.

    • Centralized Comment Management
    • Automated Comment Spam Filtering with ability to plug-in custom Filtering modules
    • Multiple Widget Zones (details)
    • Referrers data and Blogroll items now stored in Database when using the DB blog provider.
    • Unsubscribe Link in Comment Notification Emails
    • Referrer Data can be Stored for more than 7 days.
    • Blogroll items can now be Ordered.
    • Newsletter Widget more Intelligent - Emails sent when a post is going from an Unpublished to Published state.
    • Twitter Widget - New options and improvements
    • Page Slugs now saved in Database.
    • New Logging system to Track events and errors.
    • Unhandled Exception Handling
    • Fixes to Comment Notification Emails not being sent out correctly in some cases.
    • Outgoing Email improvements
    • Many other improvements and fixes

Simple upgrade instructions are available here in the documentation. Congratulations to the whole team!