Very successful break in Berlin last weekend as Dave has detailed already. After six months of waiting around, Blue Man Group finally premiered in Berlin on May 9. I'm still a little gutted I didn't get a role in the show, but in retrospect I don't mind too much either. It's a great show, but I'm sure that after a few hundred performances I'd get a little bored by the whole thing. The show itself remains a fantastic, funny, involving experience even if the whole thing was marred slightly by having it all in German. Still the bits I didn't actually understand I could guess mostly anyway.


Completely by accident, we also stumbled upon the world premiere of Troy in the Sony Center across from the Blue Man Theater. Looks like there are mixed views on Troy depending on whether you are approaching it as a film or an adaptation of the Iliad, but the red carpet, tv coverage and presence of Brad Pitt, Eric Bana and the rest of the cast and crew certainly spiced up the evening. From the TV reports, they had a good after-show party too before setting off for Cannes where it is being shown this week too.