I’m not sure what else this week can throw at me - I’m already partially convinced I’m in Avalon’s sur-REAL level I wrote about yesterday.

  • It’s blazing hot outside and yet wifey and I are both hacking up phlegm and losing our voices with a cold each.
  • Tonight, I’ll be watching a Gilbert & Sullivan review by the local village choir (think old, out of tune voices plus wifey as the exception) with my in-laws.
  • Last night, our house lost power completely and utterly. We spent the night listening to people drill up the pavement outside our house to repalce the main feed into our switch box.
  • Night before last, wifey had a two hour coughing fit that kept us both awake.
  • Night before that, I was watching Joe Satriani at Symphony Hall

These things do not happen on a regular basis! I wonder what’ll happen tomorrow?