A life sign and a fervent wish that blog editors like this could actually backdate entries at the author’s request. I mean I know when I did stuff, but I just didn’t have time or the inclination to write them down. Does that make me a bad blogger? I don’t think so. Roughly in order then, I’ve

  • Been to my cousin’s engagement party
  • Witnessed the film project I crewed finally finished and on the big screen
  • Been invited to work in pre-production on a new feature film project with the same team
  • Written the rest of the first draft of DIDA after much humming and hawing
  • Been delighted to note that even though I haven’t got a copy yet, people are actually buying copies of Beginning ASP.NET 1.1 With C#. Which means at some point I’ll get some royalties. Which is a first.
  • Saw Pink at the Manchester Arena. Not my first choice of gig and her first go at designing a stadium show but they were filming the DVD of the show there which made it more fun.
  • Decided where my fiancée and I will be married and where we’ll be living
  • Had my remaining grandfather die and read the lesson at his funeral. But he did ask to have Louis Armstrong playing When The Saints Go Marching In to end the ceremony. How upbeat cool is that. I also learnt that he was the ground engineer to give concorde the okay before it took off for the very first time back in 1976. Wow.
  • Worked at my ninth National Student Drama Festival as a staff member for the festival newsletter. It’s turning into more of a magazine these days. 36 pages of content a day in ten hours flat. I’m not sure how we do it and lots of other festivals are very impressed too.
  • Decided how to go about redrafting DIDA after a trip to Newcastle. Some good changes in there. This will be an awesome book.
  • Done some more work on GotDotBooks. Looks like we’ll be prototyping it in Whidbey after all.

So as you can see, it’s been a busy month.