After a few more weeks writing and production time than originally planned, my latest book, Beginning ASP.NET Databases: From Novice To Professional went to press today. Thanks to Damien for co-writing it. As is the usual way of books with deadlines attached, there's a lot in there that I'm proud of and a few things I probably would have added if I had had the time. Please email me if you'd like a copy to review and I'll be happy to sort you out. Expect to see it in the shops in a few weeks time. You can already pre-order it on and Amazon UK.

So what to write next? Not sure, but it will be something Whidbey. We could revise Web Services Core Reference for MS Press but that hasn't made any money for us in 18 months. Perhaps a 'Beginning Web Services' title including Whidbey\WSE2 taking our cues from Yasser's nice intro article on MSDN. Certainly not a Whidbey book until the final release - it just doesn't make financial sense to start writing a book with only three months shelf-life. Taking the ultimate example of this. I wrote Early Adopter Hailstorm in time for PDC 2001 where it was officially canned. It had a shelflife of three weeks. Copies sold < 1000. Money made = £0. There's scary talk that it might be resurrected. I think I'll let someone else cover it. While I'm working for 3Form, there's much less time to write, so I'll probably concentrate on my GotDotBooks project - a site for .NET writers - for a while, and wait for Whidbey to mature. In the meantime, some small articles on the writing process here to follow.