Five days in with life on Vista x64 after the hardships of going quad and I'm trying to get used to working the Vista way but a few things are jarring.

  • Media Player plugins don't work on x64. My account will remain static now.
  • I really dislike the vista start menu, but can't not use the search function on it. Its the only way I've found of getting to it. To wit, everything I use is now run through SlickRun. Thank heavens for that.
  • I'm a developer. I don't need a Saved Games folder that I can't delete. Could I please lose it? Can I just move c:\users\dan to d:\dan and leave it at that.
  • Windows Explorer for Vista will definitely annoy me. For some reason, the menu bar is stuck on no matter how many times I tell it to go away. I'd really like the shortcuts to my user folder and the public folder to go away as well, but will they? Oh no. And will Explorer remember the view I told it to remember for any folder I want to view? Nope. It's oh so tempting to look at alternate file explorers. Fancy multi-sized icons I can do without.
  • How do you get programs other than those installed with Windows into the default programs control panel then?
  • Anti-virus for Vista x64. Either inadequate or not written yet.
  • FIrewall for Vista x64. You can switch on outbound rules and then curse as you write every single outbound rule manually and - inevitably - forget a few. Or wait for agnitum to finish outpost.
  • UAC - annoying so far only in that because I didn't write anything to my external hard drive from my standard user account before installing Vista over XP, I need to elevate permissions every time I want to do something with the files on it.

The transition between Windows 98 and 2000, 2000 and XP & XP and Vista always have these quirks but the hardest thing as ever is to accept that you can't retrain the new O\S to act like the old one. I think Chris tried for a few weeks to get XP working like 2000 and I fear the attempt was in vain. The blogosphere is much larger now than it was 2001 when XP was launched so all the answers to my questions will be there somewhere if I can be arsed to find them. Can anyone recommend me a good book on power-using Vista instead?