There are simple pleasures in life which you just forget about and then rediscover. For some, it’s that lost episode of Doctor Who. For me, it’s the insanity of cartoons; Tom & Jerry, Wacky Races and the like. In particular, two series exec produced by Steven Spielberg in the early nineties - Animaniacs and Freakazoid - were just so great, it seems criminal that neither are yet available on DVD. Ain’t eBay great though? Found myself a bootleg DVD of all the Freakazoid episodes there and have even gotten Jane to laugh through it. The (pythonesque) random asides, “Scream-o-vision as brought to you by the Dutch Tulip commission”, the theme tune, the actually famous voices that crop up through it. Bliss. Where are the Animaniacs DVDs then?

[Update: They are here in Region 1 only: Season 1, Season 2, Season 3]