It's only been a few weeks since v3.0.4 was released, but Jeff has shipped v3.0.5 of Gallio and MbUnit. Full details can be found on his blog but here's a quick list of additions.

    <li>Assert.AreApproximatelyEqual added to MbUnit</li>    
    <li>Test Factories (TestSuites) added to MbUnit</li>    
    <li>Formatter for objects being tested to be displayed in MbUnit test reports</li>    
    <li>AutoCAD Integration for Gallio</li>    
    <li>Running x86 tests as 32-bit on x64</li>    
    <li>Preview of VS2010 CTP Support for Gallio</li>    
    <li>Many other bugfixes and updated tools support</li> 

The full list is on Jeff's blog. Download v3.0.5 here and read the documentation here.