One truism of new development software is that however much is promised, once its installed it won't blow you off you seat with its glitzy UI and idiotproofness. You need to work at it a little. I bit the bullet this morning and signed onto MS UK Beta Experience program to get a hold of VSTS beta 2 and, coincidentally, the WeFly dev kit that Dave has been working on.

I've got some VPC images to install it on, the guide to installing it on VPC, and now I'm trawling through the many and varied VSTS blogs available to see what interesting things I can come up with. Nothing has yet convinced me that the UI will be anything other than the usual (certainly not the UI dreamt up over at CodeProject), but in passing, I have learnt that

and that MSDN doesn't like giving OPML files for easy group RSS subscriptions. Grrr.