Telligent have released Community Server 2007 and with it the SDK - basically all the source code for the product. If you want to do any development for this new version of CS, you’ll need to download this and get it working. It’s all manual install though and as Dave Stokes hasn’t managed to update his install guide yet, here are some rough and ready instructions for running it from scratch using SQL authentication with the database.

NB. This is a VS2005 SP1 \ ASP.NET 2.0 project only now, so no more VS2003 support.

  1. Download the SDK from
  2. Extract all the files from the download (  - catchy innit?).
  3. Open SQL Enterprise Manager \ SQL Management Studio. Create a new database to host all the Community Server data. I’ll call it %CSdatabase%.
  4. Run cs_3.0_CreateFullDatabase.sql against %CSdatabase%. You’ll find this in the SqlScripts directory in the SDK.
  5. Now create a login for the website. I’ll call it %CSuser%.
  6. Give %CSuser% access to %CSdatabase% and put it in the following roles:
    • cs_securityadmin
    • cs_ddladmin
    • cs_datareader
    • aspnet_Membership_FullAccess
    • aspnet_Personalization_FullAccess
    • aspnet_Profile_FullAccess
    • aspnet_Roles_FullAccess
    • aspnet_WebEvent_FullAccess
  7. Create a new community by running the cs_system_CreateCommunity stored procedure like this:
    exec dbo.cs_system_CreateCommunity 'localhost/cs', 'dev', '', 'AdminUserName', 'AdminPassword', 0, 0
    Where you replace "localhost/cs" with your URL, and replace the Admin account email, username and password with your desired values. NB This is not the %csuser% account, this is the account you will log into CS with when its up and running.

    If you would like to have a sample blog and gallery created for you, change the last zero (0) to a one (1) in the line above.

    exec dbo.cs_system_CreateCommunity 'localhost/cs', 'dev', '', 'AdminUserName', 'AdminPassword', 0, 1
  8. Create a virtual directory in IIS pointing to the Source\Web directory. It should have Read & Run Scripts permissions. Make sure IIS runs ASP.NET 2 against it.
  9. Open VS 2005 and then open the Community Server 20.sln file from the Source directory.
  10. Open the properties for the CommunityServerWeb20 project. Click the Web tab and towards the bottom of the options, make sure Use IIS Web server is checked and change the Project Url to point at the virtual directory you just created. Save that.
  11. Open connectionstrings.config from the CommunityServerWeb20 project and change the connection string there to the correct one for your database. Something like this
    server=(local);uid=%CSuser%;pwd=%CSuserPassword%;initial catalog=%CSdatabase%
  12. Build the whole Community Server solution.
  13. Start CS2007 in your browser.