Since the three days of pain in going quad, I've rather enjoyed using Vista x64 thus far. UAC hasn't been as much of a pain as it might and HP even had drivers for my old Deskjet. But beyond my initial impressions, there are definitely a few more 64bit switch issues that aren't going to go away.

  • There's no flash player plug-in for any 64 bit browser. And no sign of Adobe writing one soon either. YouTube is now but a copy hyperlink, open IE x86, paste and watch away. Joy. At least SlickRun makes this slightly bearable.
  • OneNote 2007 installs a 'send to onenote' button in IE x86, but not in IE x64.
  • Microsoft File Transfer manager will not install in IE x64
  • Ultramon doesn't work very well in Vista. In Vista x64, it also BSoDs from time to time after waking from sleep.

Ultramon I understand, but Microsoft and Adobe? Sheesh.