Jeff cut the alpha 1 release of MbUnit v3 today. The download can be found here. It’s rough but allows you to see how things will work in MbUnit 3. The main focus of Jeff’s work thus far has been the separation between the test framework which has been named Gallio and the MbUnit test runner plug-ins which sits on top of it. Currently this release comes with plug-ins to run MbUnit 2.4 and 3.0 tests, NUnit 2.4 and XUnit b2 tests with hopefully more to come. No docs for the 3.0 test asserts and decorators yet. v2.4 API docs are also still in the works but on hold while I press on with the current book.

Release notes:

*** 2007/11/29: Alpha 1

First combined release of MbUnit v3 and Gallio.
Still lots of rough edges but covers a lot of ground.

Gallio Achievements:

- Dogfood.
- Get project infrastructure in place.
- Initial draft of the Gallio test object model.
- Initial draft of the plugin extensibility model.
- Implement core test harness components.
- Plugins for MbUnit v2, NUnit v2, xUnit.Net beta 2.
- Runners for command-line (Echo), MSBuild, NAnt, TestDriven.Net.
- Reports generated in HTML, XHTML, Text, and XML.
- Supports rich execution logs including attachments and embedded images.
- Integrated help documentation.
- Installer / Uninstaller.
- Start of community process.
- Early work on the GUI test runner (Icarus) but not ready yet.

MbUnit v3 Achievements:

- Dogfood.
- Initial draft of the attribute extensibility model.
- Supports [Test] and [TestFixture] attributes.
- Assertions ported from MbUnit v2 in the interim.


- Try running the samples from the MbUnit.Samples assembly using Gallio.Echo!
- MbUnit v3 [RowTest] not yet implemented.
- Data-driven testing features postponed to subsequent release.
- Still lots of loose ends floating around.