Preparation. Yes - good idea. Decide to gird loins and get right attitude for writing of book by reading the first thirty issues of Transmetropolitan again. Warren Ellis may not know anything about web services but the man is a genius. I can’t figure out the scenario needed for a bowel disruptor with a web service interface, but it’ll be fun trying to find one. Maybe I’ll just stick to a random religion generator. Bit more fun than random numbers for a start.

Still needed to shake self up - went and saw first live concert in a few months. Jerry Cantrell’s solo stuff isn’t bad at all - just like all the Alice In Chains stuff live less about 10% of the doped feeling. Left slightly mystified as to whether I was more inspired than when I went in. Probably not as the more I think about it, the more excited I am about the upcoming Queens of the Stone Age gig. It’s going to be either amazing or very disappointing. Buy Songs For The Deaf now - this is important.