I've not blogged for a while, but here are a few things I take away from the year.

There were a number of key sites I wanted to take more advantage of this year, but lack of time and need to get involved means I didn't. Delicious I already use, but also Flickr, Technorati and stock.xchng. The idea of tagging everything from this blog post to photos worth sharing is good I think. Others agree and they've called it Web 2.0 or Windows Live depending which news sheets you read. Yahoo has just done the obvious and bought both delicious and flickr. Some members of the Mozilla foundation have even tried to incorporate all these elements into a browser called Flock (a beta of which comes out in January). They'll need to better the delicious and performancing blog plugins for Firefox though. Once installed, you've a fairly competent 'live web 2.0?' set up if you care to use it.

Book writing and editing is never going to make the money for authors it did back in 1999 \ 2000. Ah well.

Scott Guthrie has remembered how to write blog posts. Not only that - blog posts with more information in them than you can really digest well in a single read.

Being married is a good thing and Hawai'i is very pleasant in April.

The film industry seems to have figured out that it was making seriously bad films for the past few years and finally began releasing pictures with a backbone\plot\shred of credence again in September after a good fifteen months of utter drivel (one or two exceptions of course but only one or two).

Windows Media Player really needs some work and the WMP\Vista team seems more intent on looks than utility and performance. iTunes is not much better.