On March 27 last year, Mark Rendle put an idle call out into the ether for help with the documentation for his Simple.Data project. At a loose end, I said yes...

It has been a busy nine months in the world of Simple.Data.Docs. Mark has been busy, releasing no fewer than 16 new builds of Simple.Data.Core from v0.16 to v0.18.3 / 1.0.0-rc3 since that time which have been collectively downloaded some 9110 times according to nuget.org. I'd like to hope that the documentation that's being slowly assembled is to your satisfaction. It's gratifying to note that since adding in some counters in early October, we've had some 22600 page views (14500 unique) from 4500 visits (1700 unique) to the doc site and 2 complaints so it can't be all bad.

A few thanks then to

  • Marcus Hammarberg for his coverage of testing with the InMemoryAdapter
  • Jeff Schumacher for his Advanced Naming Scenarios commit
  • Code52 for their metro.css project. The new Metro-style docs have certainly made the site a nicer place to visit and work on.

I'm about 70% finished on the major, basic topics (based on the Simple.Data.SqlServer provider) and, assuming that I don't have to pause efforts for another three months to write a book, the core of the docs should be complete for the first year anniversary. Hurrah!

It's important to note that I've also been updating the Simple.Data.Sample project to map to and expand on those examples I've included in the docs. Although it hasn't been updated on NuGet since I took over, you'll find the code itself completely refreshed with 100+ new query samples to look at in addition to those in Mark's own test suites. Once the core docs are finished and Simple.Data v1 is finally released, hopefully Mark will be kind enough to update the Sample package on NuGet as well. I'd also like to release it as a VB package and as a set of nUnit tests as well once that has happened. Currently it is a C# command line application.

Once the core docs are complete, I'll add in updates and extra pages for helper functions in the API as they are requested or queried about on the group, but there are a couple of areas I'd like to look at

  • Incorporating the docs for other Simple.Data providers into the site. Vagif Abilov has completed his Simple.OData docs and we'll work together on how best to integrate the two. Hopefully, the same can happen with other provider owners.
  • Documenting the Simple.Data adapter and provider models and how to write your own.
  • Real-world scenarios and gotchas.

It's this last area in particular, that I'd like to ask your assistance with. Whether you're querying MongoDB, SQLAnywhere, oData, SQL Server, Azure, or something else, if you've come across and then resolved any sticky issues using Simple.Data which you'd be happy to share with the world, please get in touch or leave a comment below. It would be great to hear from you.