Astounding what a difference a couple of days can make. Little things and the frankly ridiculous please little minds I guess. That and the presence of the first twenty pages of Chapter 5 which I couldn’t be more pleased with.

So where to begin? I have had my faith in aimless and widespread browsing for nothing in particular renewed by doing exactly that and ending up with a great sack of new sites to visit whenever I can. There’s only so many times you can dig into Slashdot or lwn before you need something else to read. Check out betastream, memepool, and wincustomize. Random enough? And the band I recorded in November has put the tracks up on their site. It’s only the rough mix, but still gutbusting stuff.

As to the frankly ridiculous, try out the goalkeeping equivalent of Captain Oates, or the investigation into laboratory controlled self-cannibalism. As it was said to me, “Education’s a wonderful thing, isn’t it?”.

And one final thought - Microsoft changed the name of their new Server product for the fourth time, dumping the .NET moniker to leave it at Windows Server 2003, “so as not to disrupt the ecosystem”. I was unaware of the impact of .NET on ring-tailed lemurs and other endangered species (OS\2 users, perhaps?). That tells me!!??