How quickly time flies. Christmas and new year have passed peacefully. Am now filled with resolution to actually work eight hours a day, finish book and get on with life. To which purpose, the final draft of chapter 1 is now complete and the handler chapter is in mid-flow. It would probably be finished by now if it wasn’t for the fact that I keep managing to find a new way to teach the material in this chapter and rewriting bits accordingly. Still this mini draft - about number 7 - is a lot better than number 1.

My first anniversary as a freelancer has passed and I’m still managing to rub two coins together so I haven’t done all that badly. The house wasn’t flooded like most of southern England but it is now under two inches of snow which makes for a rather cold office. I finally got my copy of VS.NET Everett in the post. All I need now is that copy of .NET server rc2 and I can install it too. If my desktop decides to work, that is.

Ooooo. Kill Bill