Am phased. Head now crammed with knowledge of the various XML APIs in .NET. This is good as it lets me write more, but bad as I can envisage at least six ways to do each task without the context of which is the way developers would take in a real world scenario. Sometimes being a researcher sucks. As Chris keeps pointing out, it’s all very well having this knowledge in your head, but until you actually build a few substantial things, no-one will employ you as a programmer. Books don’t count. As I don’t particularly want to be a programmer, this doesn’t hugely affect me, but it’s something for people to be aware of.

Meanwhile, as we wait in baited breath for the ratification of SOAP 1.2 (the final call for comments is tomorrow), the W3C are starting new ventures which affect us (Web Services Choreography Working Group) and updating old ones (Requirements for XML Schemas 1.1). Of course, that doesn’t mean everything will go swimmingly. Like the patent problems with SOAP 1.2, it looks like the choreography WG has already got its work cut out for it to keep web services technology unsullied by those who’d rather make a quick buck.