Hope everyone’s good today. We seem to be enjoying the hottest day of summer so far…

To Read

  • Downloading resources in HTML5: a[download]
    Eric Bidelman looks at the new download attribute on a elements, its purpose, benefits and what browsers currently supports it
  • HTML5 Part 2: Canvas
    Jennifer Marsman presses on with this week’s post series looking at HTML5 features, taking a look in this post at the HTML5 Canvas, showing a simple drawing example using the canvas, and looking at canvas compared to SVG.
  • Return of the Loading Bar: Are CSS3 and HTML5 the New Flash?
    Joshua Johnson looks at CSS3 and HTML5 as replacements for Flash and discusses why in some regards they are coming a little close to hitting the same pain points as their predecessor
  • The future of CSS layouts
    Peter Gasston looks at what CSS3 has to offer for content layout beyond floats and relative positioning. He looks at the multi-columns module, the flexible box layout module, the grid layout module, the template layout module, positioned floats, CSS exclusions and CSS regions
  • 7 Chrome Tips Developers & Designers May Not Know
    Elijah Manor shares 7 tips for working with Chrome as a Web developer or designer, looking at modifying JavaScript and CSS in browser, unminify JavaScript source, Break points triggered by DOM changes, inspecting CSS pseudo-class selectors, keyboard shortcuts, and customising the browser developer experience.
  • jQuery CSS3 3D Animation
    Richard Leggett documents the sticking points he encountered while building a jQuery extension which adds support for modifying and animating CSS tranformations in 2D and 3D. He covers browser support, filters, blend modes, performance, animation and transitions. A demo of his extension is also available.
  • Techniques, Strategies and Patterns for Structuring JavaScript Code–Revealing Module Pattern - Dan Wahlin's WebLog
    In part 3 of his series on writing neat javascript, Dan Wahlin looks at the Revealing Module Pattern, a cleaner alternative to the Prototype pattern.

To Watch

To Try

  • Columnal
    A CSS grid framework supporting up to 12 columns using media queries to promote responsive web design in its users. Columnal is a cross between cssgrid.net and 960.gs. Version 0.7 has just been released