Hmm, backbone.js has sneaked into the list today even though it is strictly a server-side framework. Will try not to let it happen again unless you say otherwise.

Of Note

  • The first www page
    20 years after Tim Berners-Lee made this page public, we're still at it. Happy 20th anniversary to the world wide web!

To Hear

  • Javascript Show Episode 9
    Peter Cooper and Jason Seifer present episode 9 of this podcast. It looks at Firebug 1.8, Rubberband scrolling, JavaScript screenshots, and more. Full show notes at the link

To Read

To Try

  • 12 Interactive Javascript Lessons
    Nathan Whitehead presents a dozen interactive lessons on javascript programming looking at closures, variables and values, functions, side effects, scope, private data, asynchronous callbacks and continuation passing.