Of Note



  • Improving HTML5 Canvas Performance
    Boris Smus looks at how to optimize canvas performance on a web page (rather than how to use it). He looks at eleven different techniques that may improve performance as well as suggesting to use JSPerf to verify your results.
  • Integrating Canvas into your Web App
    David Tong looks at how to use the HTML5 canvas element to create, edit, open and export images. He also looks at using HTML5 LocalStorage for saving canvas elements, saving the whole canvas as a binary file on the server, and suggests a few JS libraries to give all browsers the same experience
  • When Visitors Print — About That Print Stylesheet
    Tim Connell looks at print stylesheets, covering tips for removing items that don't need to be printed, using better fonts for printed matter, adding branding to the printout, dealing with links and other interactive elements, and using the jQuery Print Preview plugin
  • dat.gui: Exceptional JavaScript Interface Controller
    David Walsh takes a flying tour around dat.gui, "a lightweight controller library that allows you to easily manipulate variables and fire functions on the fly."
  • Leverage CSS when resizing HTML elements using JavaScript
    Milan Adamovsky looks at why frameworks use only javascript to resize html elements, why this isn't the best solution and how to leverage CSS to do it better

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