Last day - more crowds, more throngs of people, more sales, more bizarre conversations. Chatted with the people from who are developing a scientifically proven device that sings to plants to make them grow faster—at the right time and pitch and with the right music, of course—and an accompanying bio-fertilizer to help them listen.

Other showstoppers have included:

“Have you got a book on hacking? All these are programming books. I want one on hacking.”
“Have you got a book on how to start building websites?”
“Sure, here you go”
“Thanks - how do I become a technical reviewer?”.

From someone who had filled in a form with the heading “Become a Wrox technical reviewer or author”

“What’s this form for?”

Averted potential disaster of having stall ripped down by on-site goons after hours by hiring guards to keep it safe overnight until workmen can do it properly tomorrow morning. Collapsed. Slept.