Hello from up on Steepness Hill, where the sun is attempting prove that Spring does actually come after Winter and not the other way around as seemed to be the case back in January.

Summer term begins again tomorrow. I think I need a holiday to recover from the holiday. Evie is a knowledge sink currently whether she or we are ill or healthy. For reasons I can't quite fathom, we found ourselves looking up the characters for the numbers one to ten in Simplified Chinese this weekend. Learn something new every day, they say... I think we definitely know how to make Lemon Drizzle Cake now. But not how to wite it in Kanji.

The key on my keyboad is also half-boken in case you wondeed.

One of the plus sides to an enforced break is a step back to look at things on a larger scale - at lessons learned and ways forward. This video from this year's Game Developers Conference is a great example of that from a game designer's point of view. Handily it's also an excellent example of keeping things light, but it's also massively applicable across any creative activity, not just games.

The world goes into paroxysms of Game of Thrones season 6-ness on April 24. It's been reported that having spent $6 million on the entire of season two, each episode of this season has cost $10m. Each episode. Presumably the dragons are not actually special effects any more.

This Week's Listening

  • Logistics : Electric Sun (Drum and Bass)
  • Spiritual Beggars : Sunrise to Sundown (Retro 70s Rock)
  • Alessia Cara : Know-It-All (Pop)

And that will do for now. Thanks for reading

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