Hello from up on Steepness Hill. It's Earth Day this week - a reminder to recycle and care for our environment - which presents a problem in caring for an environment which still thinks it's Winter and has now snowed on my freshly planted chilli plants. Grr.

  • Jon Pinnock is a previous author of mine who successfully transitioned over to fiction. Now he's having a go at publishing of sorts and looking for submissions of humorous poetry. If you fancy writing some, have a look here and you too can say that you've contributed to spilling cocoa over Martin Amis.
  • Ganzeer on the other hand is not a previous collaborator but has just launched the first chapter of a serialized graphic novel called the Solar Grid which does seem very promising. Grab it here
  • And then there's this video as well : safe for work and also, yikes.

James May's Reassembler

There is something reassuring in the fact that the BBC will let a program like this exist that makes you hopeful that British television will never entirely lose its eccentric and very British flavour. When not presenting Top Gear, or whatever he, Hammond and Clarkson call their new Amazon show, James May continues to delve into a very British sense of eccentricity, nostalgia and tradition with his now patented slow, easy going and affable way of presenting. Reassembler is simply three programmes of May in his shed with some camera peeps putting a thing back together - lawnmower, telephone, electric guitar - mixed with some relevant background facts and occasional fades to black for time dilation and blasphemy. It could be dire but it's not. In fact, it's May staking a claim to the hands-on throne of Fred Dibnah and Roger Hargreaves. And it's great. Were there more of these, they would be the staple 9am student watch that New Yankee Workshop was in the 90s.


This Week's listening

  • Various : Movements v8 (70s Soul and Funk)
  • Aliases : Derangeable (Djent - ie Loud)
  • Various : Monument Valley Soundtrack (Ambient \ Electronica - excellent for concentration)

And that will do for now. Thanks for reading

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