Greetings from up on Steepness Hill where apparently we are generating our own microclimate. Twenty degrees in the shade with intermittent cloudbursts and hail the size of marbles. It's like some sort of natural selection where people run out to their cars in the middle of the downpour to wind up the windows they left open an hour before only to be battered while doing so by the hail. Meanwhile a mile down the road - gloious sunshine all day.

  • Emma Spellman is a multi-talented friend with a video camera that she is prepared to use. Her latest venture Oojamaflick
  • Next Friday I'm going to (try and) celebrate Eurovision on my little radio show. If you have any favourite tunes from that annual staple - be they just good or a little barmy - or any favourite memories of Wogan or barmy subtitles, let me know what and why and we'll try and get them on the show.
  • Also of note, the radio show is usually on a Friday between 10-12 noon, but now it's repeated on Saturdays between 9-11am on as well. If you want to know what you missed, the week's playlist is at

There was a sparring contest last night. The Brit lost. This is not news. But Boxing remains an interesting thing to me in that there is so much subtlety to it that a casual observer will not see perhaps even when listening to a TV commentary. A friend at university heavily into the sport once played three rounds he had recorded and pointed out the tells, the changes in stance, the setups and the like. A whole vocabulary of moves that if the combatants wore white overalls, people would call a martial art instead of pugilism. It's the grammar of the action and the thought processes that take the fan to the next level - Match of the Day pundits has been breaking down football games for fifty years while Gridiron commentators have the luxury of it's stop-start nature to dissemble the previous play in detail before the next move happens. Even martial arts now have Youtube channels like Lawrence Kenshin's to break down in intricate detail a move or how one style matches up to another. Likewise chess, bridge, and eSports like World of Warcraft and Magic. It's fascinating stuff.

I'm still not staying up until 4am to watch a fight though.

This Week's Listening

  • Blue Man Group : Three (fun with percussion)
  • Jean-Michel Jarre : Electronica vol 2
  • Ludovico Einaudi - Elements (Classical)
  • Agoraphobic Nosebleed - Arc (Definitely not classical)

And that will do for now. Thanks for reading.

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