It would seem less than prudent to change all the working pieces of your car at once and once put back together expect it to work exactly as it has before, especially if you add a less-experienced driver into the mix as well but it occurs to me that this is essentially what Co-operative IT is doing with the dotCoop project at the moment. Over the course of two months, they will have

  • lost the original development team and replaced them with a smaller team that knew nothing about the system or the protocols it implemented two months ago
  • completely relocated the development team and the development servers 150 miles away and into a completely new network.
  • switched all the code between sourcesafe and subversion
  • added a completely new support structure between owners (us) and technical support staff (also us)
  • split out one half of the project code and decided to replace it with an out of the box solution which should do the same.
  • hired me to head the dev team a week into the project - me who is going on honeymoon just as things are quieting down
Now don’t get me wrong. Things are being gotten on top of and normality will set in around the first week of May I assume, but in anyone else’s experience, what else can you fundamentally do to a project to shake it up during handover? With the exception of losing some of the code base as the servers are transferred somewhere?